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Chilland have fun

Not only because we aim to brew the best coffee in Malta and brew only the finest roasted 100% Arabica coffee beans,but also because hard working people just need to chill out and have fun.


Cuba means magical music and dance, cigar smoking, women and Che Guevara, rum and revolution. The very mention of this Caribbean island conjures up images of
1950s Cadillacs, colonial architecture, Ernest Hemingway sipping his daiquiri in a quiet corner of La Floridita and beautiful bodies swaying sensually to the sound of
mambo and salsa. Cuba means easy living. Life moves slow there and people still have time to sing and play and dance in the streets.

Fastand efficient

In our world where time waits for no one, service must be fast and efficient for an ever more demanding customer who expects a wide range of tasty food and drink as norm. But we all still need to have fun, to let go and feel good.


At Cuba we seek to combine the physical and practical needs of our customers with their even greater need to relax and enjoy life to the full. We also cook great food and bake exquisite pizza using only the finest ingredients.

Join our revolution and help us make life great again. We all just want to have fun.